Orlando City Soccer School-Celebration programs are structured across ten-months of training, learning and continued development allowing for year-round training. Our sessions are 75-minute sessions giving our players a full one hour of workouts and playing. Throughout the program our players spend quality time in the classroom understanding the rules, situations, and mindset needed to be a complete player. Expect a fun and exciting environment that is fast paced with an offensive approach to the game when coming to our school. Passing, teamwork, how to play and move with the ball is in the forefront of our sessions. We develop players to create space, take shots on goal, and be skilled passers. In our high-performance world class soccer school players become students of the game. No Tryouts and year-round training mean you can join any month anytime!

Purple Sessions

Our “Purple Sessions” are designed for recreational and players newer to the sport or who want to focus on having fun and learning the game. The training and workout methods are based on age and skill level. Fundamental aspects of the game are very important to discovering and exploring the game. The Purple program allows younger players in the early stages of soccer to find themselves and discovering who they are. The players in the Purple sessions train and learn one to two days per week.

Gold Sessions

The Gold sessions are three days a week minimum and more if desired. Gold is a more physical session pushing the limits with a competitive approach. The drills and workouts give players the opportunity to grow in all aspects of the game. Gold sessions typically start at age 10 as player begin to develop a sense of positions, and where they enjoy or want to play. We strive to identify and create progress with a defined pathway to a club, college, or a career. The goal is to maximize potential and open to all ages.

Training includes team field sessions with an emphasis on decision making and tactical game management, individual development plan sessions inclusive of video analysis and team building, leadership, games scenarios and scrimmages. The program works on attacking and defensive concepts, transitions, set plays and systems of play that allow them to be versatile in any future program.

Orlando City Soccer School-Celebration is Florida's premier soccer school focused on bringing soccer to the community for all players at all levels.  Pick the program sessions that fit your needs and experinece the best soccer in central Florida!